Welcome to HBF Techniek.


HBF Techniek is a young company that specializes in machine construction.

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The founder of HBF Techniek has experience with various projects in various industries such as the food sector, including meat processing and bakeries. But also in heavier industry such as (iron) foundries and concrete industry. In addition, also lighter (manufacturing) industry such as injection molding, and general production companies, where many optimization problems and product handling challenges were solved.
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In addition to machine construction, we can perform the most common metalworking techniques, and we are flexible in thinking along with your wishes and requirements. We are also strong in the mechanical and control technical design of special solutions for your problems. We are also always available to design, manufacture and install guards, steel constructions and other support services for your business.
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We are happy to visit you to clarify your problems or needs. We are also happy to provide you with a noncommittal proposal or quotation!