HBF Techniek is a young company that specializes in machine construction. The company was founded by Koen Smidt.

In 2022 Bart Jannink joined the company as a co-founder.


Koen has studied Technical Mathematics and Physics at the University of Twente. (not completed) Because of an urge to work on more concrete and physical sytems, he started to pursue his passion for technology. This was done by first learning to weld, turn and mill, and then by learning 3D drawing with the Solidworks package. He is also interested in electrical engineering & programming. The design of PCBs and programming of AVR microcontrollers has resulted from this. Through his father he learned about sustainable housing and the technologies involved.

After his studies he was hired at Schipper Technisch Serviceburo. He first started working here as an engineer. He then supervised the entire mechanical engineering department. He supervised the other engineers, and worked together with project leaders at the quote stage and as a project engineer. Subsequently, he worked at Schipper as a project manager, and also participated in organizational and support tasks, including R&D for future techniques such as 3D printing and predictive maintenance, and in-house product development for a consumer product including development of printed circuit boards, sensors and production ramp-up.

During his employment, Koen has always made use of the knowledge acquired during his study period, by being able to abstract and model problems well, and thus work towards a solution in a structured way. Furthermore, it always has added value to master metalworking and manufacturing techniques yourself, because it is precisely in this way that a solid design can be achieved.

After ending his employment with Schipper, Koen started HBF Techniek.

HBF Techniek founder, Koen Smidt


In 2022 Bart Jannink joined HBF Techniek as a co-founder.

Bart has a lifelong passion for technology. He started tinkering with steam engines and mopeds at a young age. This passion has remained with him throughout his life and he now uses it to realize technical projects for customers.

Bart completed a study as a moped mechanic, and later continued his studies as a first mechanic assembly & maintenance. After that he always continued to take courses such as electric switching, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems. Bart also has many years of experience as a welder and service technician, and later as a manager of a production department. This gives him a very solid basis in technology.

Later in his career he worked his way up internally at an employer to the function of project manager for a diverse group of customers. In this role he excels through his combination of experience, knowledge, and a pragmatic view of life. He helps clients with very diverse projects. His strength is executing and supervising special one-off machine construction projects and solving customer issues that cannot be answered with standard solutions.


HBF Techniek is located in Rijssen. It concerns a metalworking workshop of 425m² with combined indoor living space. The customers of HBF Techniek are served from this location. Click here for more information.


HBF Techniek is a member of the Metaalunie. With this membership HBF Techniek is a part of the largest Dutch employers’ organization for small and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry. This memership supports and facilitates an up-to-date and professional business.

HBF Techniek offers all of her services and products subject to the Metaalunie terms and conditions. The terms and conditions can be found here.